Better Baking

You can select from our growing ranges of brands and products to conveniently and easily create the finest, healthy baked goods in existence.

This is The Bread Revolution, a bread alternative that is bread and not a brick or cake. UnBread mimics bread. Light & airy texture. Springy & soft. Nice brown crust with a bit of chew. Toasts well.
It may well be the finest all-natural bread alternative in existence. It has none of the many taste, texture, digestive & nutritional issues of current bread alternatives.

UnBread is free of gluten, grains, wheat and contains no known dubious ingredients, preservatives or additives.

All UnBread products are very low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, making them Banting, LowCarb, Keto and Primal friendly, as well as being suitable for virtually all special dietary needs, including diabetics. There is even a nut-free version available for those who avoid nuts.

Simply Mix & Bake. No kneading, proofing or other nonsense.

Is a growing range of quick & convenient products that can be mixed and made in minutes in the microwave or a few more minutes in the oven. Create them as you need, or bake ahead of time and freeze. All you need is a mug, whisk and microwave or oven!

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